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Dinner Menu

Restaurant is open to guests Mon to Thurs.
Weekend is for functions min 15 persons

Mon to Thurs 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Below is a menu guide.It does change


Chicken Fillet £7.50

Served with Rice and Veg (Includes Sauce)


Haddock £8.50

Served with New Potatoes and Peas


Tagliatelle £5.95

Served with Tomato and Basil Sauce


Ham, Egg & Chips £6.50


Ploughmans £7.50

Salad; Cheddar Cheese: Pickle Onions; Chutney; Bread


Tuna & Mayo £7.95

Served With Salad & New Potatoes


Rump Steak 10oz. £12.50

Served with Fries, Mushrooms, Tomato, Peas


Chicken New Yorker £7.50

Served with Chips or Rice


Scampi and Chips £7.80


Steak Burger in a Bun with Chips £6.50


Chilli Con Carne with Rice £6.95


Omelette with Fries and Salad £6.95


Sausage & Mash with Peas £6.95


Spaghetti Bolognaise £6.95


Chicken Burger in a bun with chips £6.50

Cottage Pie

Minced beef with carrot, leek, onion and red wine, topped with a cheesy mash and served with garden peas


Homemade  Chicken  Currie with Rice       £6.50


Chicken and Mushroom Pie £7.90

Served with Chips and Peas


Jacket Potato £5.50

Served with 2 Fillings or Sauce and Salad


Plain Jacket & Butter £4.25

Served with Salad


Various Fillings for Omelette or Jacket Potato

Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms, Peppers, Red Onion, Tomato-Price includes up to two fillings, each extra filling 65p.


Sauces Bolognese Sauce, Tomato and Basil Sauce, Chilli Con Carne Sauce, Green or Red Thai Curry 65p extra if not included in menu description.




Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream £3.00

Apple Pie £3.50

served with hot custard or vanilla ice cream

Brownie with Chocolate Sauce £3.50

served with vanilla ice cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding £3.50

served with hot custard or vanilla ice cream.


Side Orders


Chips 2.00

Garlic Bread 2.00

Breaded Mushrooms £3.00

Mixed Salad 3.00

Coleslaw £1.50



Snack Menu


Baguettes  £4.50


With a range of fillings





Cheddar Cheese £3.50


Cheese & Red Onion £3.75


Cheese & Tomato £3.75


Cheese & Ham £3.95


Tuna & Mayonnaise £3.95


Wiltshire Ham & Mustard £3.95


Sandwiches are available on Brown or White Bread

Served with Salad Garnish & Tortilla/plain chips




Coffee £1.80


Hot Chocolate £2.20


Tea £1.80



Bright and full of flavour - perfect to refresh and invigorate throughout the day.


A light tea, pale gold in colour, with the delicate flavour of bergamot citrus fruit.


A refreshing and sweet green tea, with a hint of cranberry.


A refreshing infusion, with a crisp, clean taste.


A reviving infusion, with a lively taste which can really give you a boost.




All the above subject to availability on the day